Monday, April 14, 2014

Pray for the peace of Israel.

Pray for Israel as we enter into the week of Passover pray for peace in Israel  justice for the Jewish people and an awakening among her people. A special prayer also for those of us in America to come to a special revelation to the importance of Israel right now at this time that we see how Israel goes so goes America... Love and Blessings!

“Celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread; for seven days eat bread made without yeast, as I commanded you. Do this at the appointed time in the month of Aviv, for in that month you came out of Egypt." Exodus 23:15
 We pray blessings over our Jewish friends as they enter the Passover Feast around the world. May the Lord of Covenant bless them with everything that is good, with strength for the day and with everlasting joy.  May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob keep Israel and her people safe and may his protection by with them as they go and as they come during this sacred celebration of deliverance. May the Almighty’s peace fill their hearts and may His unconditional love keep them in all of their ways. Amen

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